Audi SQ5 front axle brakes’ installation

Renewed Audi Q5 front axle brake system

Introducing brake system for Audi SQ5.

Modern european car assembled in Mexico… :)))

Front axle is equipped with:
– monoblock structured brake rotor size 350-30 (мм)
– Akebono 6-pot brake caliper

For a car with 354 HP and full weight of over 2300+ it is way too little.
Brake caliper is quite new and choosing pads comes to just saying “buy an original”. Stock pads are unlikely to hold at over 300 degrees Celcius.

After going back and forth between “pros” and “cons” we decided to use Brembo 390-32.6 brake rotor on a floating bobbins and light alloy hat.

8-pot Brembo caliper was chosen.
Caiper clamp adapter was designed and made on our own equipment in the shortest time possible.
Adapters were sent to get galvanised, couple more days and we are good to go do the assembling.
There were some hustle with the brake lines, Audi likes metal tubing clamping.
We made an additional intermediate adapter for the brake line, accessories  Goodridge.Stock brake rotor 350-30 weighs (12,5) kg. Brembo 390-32,6 rotor (10,8) кг. Higher technologies in action!Ferrodo DS2500 brake pads, owners choice.
That’s an optimum choice of a composition, that can hold a 500 degrees Celcius temperature.
Audi SQ5 hat
standard front caliper Audi SQ5
gap between caliper & wheel disc
standard brake rotor & caliper
front axle brake system designer set
adapters made by Tronik & Brembo brake pads
front axle brake pads outer and inner parts
front axle brake rotor inner side
clamping hat to rotor
Weighing the stock brake system
weighing standard brake rotor 12460g
standard front pads weight 1465g
standard brake caliper weight 5506g
standard brake system weight 19430g
The brake rotor weight, that we designed – 10790g.
weighing brake rotor 10790
Standard brake rotor 1600g heavier.
front brake rotor dust shield
front brake rotor dust shield different angle
front caliper adapter Audi SQ5 pic1
front caliper adapter Audi SQ5 pic2
front brake rotor installed Audi SQ5
caliper adapter and brake rotor location
front axle brake system Audi SQ5 from Tronik pic1
front axle brake system Audi SQ5 from Tronik pic2
front axle brake system Audi SQ5 from Tronik pic3
front axle brake system Audi SQ5 from Tronik pic4

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